“The business is the family. The family is the business. The business is our life and vice versa our life is the business. Our passion for our work never lets us stop working, or being excited to do what we do, or having loads of fun.
This means that client satisfaction is our satisfaction.
The business is a mission, our brand, and our creed. ALEX•BALL is our reason to live life to the full. It makes us indeed happy to spend time looking at women making themselves beautiful and seeing the sparkle in their eyes.”

Art is in our DNA

Jewellery. No thanks…
The word ‘jewel’ is far too overused and is often associated with low-value products because they are made with inferior quality materials or on an industrial production line.
By choice, we define our creations as works of art so as to distinguish them from all others and to convey out love, passion and typical artistic creativity to our clients.
Art is now in the family DNA for three generations because, Giovanni Pallavidini, father of our founder Dario, was a famous painter.

Our story

«After years and years of producing the highest quality settings, still recognised as the best in the marketplace, there was a demand to invent something new and revolutionary.
My intuition was suggesting the creation of a different world in gold. Starting with my own Italian surname, I figured out the type of product I wanted – a ball or sphere.
“Fase Iniziale” has been the first collection of ALEX°BALL brand.»
(Alessandro Pallavidini)


A tour operator in the gold jewellery sector
Our mission is to give to the modern, travel-loving woman the chance to keep a memory of her beautiful experience or holidays, making it indelible through our works of art. Made in Italy and diamonds will always revive the lived emotions.

Brand positioning

ALEX•BALL is a goldsmith designer who invents and creates works of art with a spherical theme and sells directly to customers in his boutiques, situated in exclusive tourist locations, at competitive prices. Other companies produce generic “jewels” in series and sell through intermediaries. This means that the customer, in addition to standing out in the look, invests in a valuable product at competitive prices. Art increases in value over time, the sphere is a timeless shape.

The rebellious spirit

«ALEX•BALL is the end result of a fruit of a volcanic passion for high-end fashion and for my work.
Our collections often speak of a life already lived, of my passion, especially for nature, animals, travel in far-off wild places, mountains, and meditation. To be able to look at the world from another point of view, to see colours, to grasp a nuance, to narrate a fairy tale where the heroes are dreamlike and there is the magic of the sphere, an essential shape, timelessly rich in symbols.
This is my new way to create fashion. This is ALEX•BALL.»
(Alessandro Pallavidini)

The female touch

«I have often had to mediate between innovation being pushed forward by my husband and the status quo being argued by the old guard, often mistrusting of too much change. Our team now is very strong. It is a compact one comprising mostly women.
The female touch is indispensable in our world because it is linked to my husband’s explosive creativity and to the technical brilliance of our master goldsmiths, producing a winning combination.»
(Alessandra Acquarone)