The sphere is a magical and perfect shape, like the woman. Each sphere represents the human essence and combined with our creative ingenuity, it turns into a unique jewel like every person. ALEX•BALL is outside the box and is aimed at those who do not allow themselves to be influenced, but are constantly looking for their own interiority, always different and inimitable.



The themes of the ALEX•BALL collections are playful, light, witty. Our creativity enhances the playful aspect of life and is aimed at women who wish to rediscover light-heartedness, through a femininity free to express herself, without constraints or labels. ALEX•BALL jewels are made with extremely precious materials and details are taken care of beyond all limits. Feminine perfection is represented by the recurring theme of the sphere.


Our classic collections have settings as their key features which since our founding in 1957 have been considered the best in the marketplace. Patented settings have been designed in loving detail with certified quality diamonds. Our creations, begging to be imitated, are eternal being passed from generation to generation.

“The business is the family. The family is the business. The business is our life and vice versa our life is the business. Our passion for our work never lets us stop working, or being excited to do what we do, or having loads of fun. This means that client satisfaction is our satisfaction. The business is a mission, our brand, and our creed. ALEX•BALL is our reason to live life to the full. It makes us indeed happy to spend time looking at women making themselves beautiful and seeing the sparkle in their eyes.”





“Pallachegira” is an iconic model of the People Line.
The peculiarity is the mobile sphere that turns around a pin, making it a playful and anti-stress work of art.
It represents the idea of ​​the world that turns, the love for travel, movement, sport.

Pallachegira People – Happy
Do you want to play?

Pallachegira People – Happy
Do you want to play?