The collections

Women are works of art, diamonds make them shine and a ball makes them magical and perfect. This is the luxury of telling a fairytale that will never go out of style. The collections remain stylish and the designs are unique and unmistakable. ALEX•BALL thinks outside the box, its recognizable from miles away, its personality is strong and extravagant.

Symbolic – Moody
Ficky Femail

Symbolic – Romantic
Expressions of love

Symbolic – Stellar

Marvelous light

Profound union

Profound union

Primitive – Pappaball
Long life

Primitiva – Sir Pente
Sensuality and sin

Pallachegira – Chic
Open your Mind

The classics

The classic collections are based on our mounts, considered the best on the market since 1957.
Our works of art are patented models, designed with great detail and precision and finished with certified diamonds. Our creations are eternal and passed down from generation to generation.

“The company is our family and our family is the company. The company is our life and our life is the company. Our passion for our jobs drives us to work constantly, with enthusiasm and a fun-loving spirit. When a client is happy, we are happy. The company is a mission, the brand a believe, ALEX°BALL is our reason for living and being happy, that of spending time together to see that special look in a woman’s eye when she feels beautiful.”